Customization FAQs

Hello Friend! We offer customized eyewear for those special moments in life with your loved ones. We have a wide catalog of new and stylish sunglasses and eyeglasses from you and your family to choose from. Make the next family reunion unforgettable with custom sunglasses for the entire crew!

Our customization services are fast, efficient, and affordable. We offer affordable prices and fast turnaround times, so you can get your sunglasses customized and ready to go in no time! Plus, with our no minimum order quantity, you can order as many or as few pairs as you need.

We use high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure your products are durable, beautiful and comfortable! 

How do I order customized glasses? 

  1. Select glasses style and color 
  2. If desired, add “Customization” to cart
  3. Select customization position  
  4. Select font and color 
  5. Add selections to your cart for check out
  6. Expect sample image to confirm your purchase by email
  7. Custom glasses shipped to you, enjoy, & refer!

How does pricing work? 

$10.00 USD per each frame with the exception of kids frames being $5.99 USD. Additionally, customization is $50.00 USD per style. No MOQ, but a special discount will be applied at checkout for larger orders purchased. Please note that each style is charged separately. Taxes may apply depending on state. 

How long does It take to process and receive my customized order? 

Please allow 5-7 business days for us to process your order and send a sample image to you. We will allow 7 business days for confirmation before 100% refunding you and canceling the order. Please allow 14-21 days to receive your custom order. Thanks for considering customizing glasses with us!  

What types of customization do we offer and how do we determine what type? 

We offer laser printing, screen printing, and hot stamping. We determine which type is needed when you select your style of frame and the placement of the customization. Our design team provides the most suitable solution according to your needs and includes the selection details in your sample image email. 

Where can I place my customization? 

You can choose placement on the front of the frames, right outside temple, or left outside temple. You can choose to design both outside temples, but will need to add the customization product to the cart again selecting the opposite side. Email for further questions. 

What color can I choose for font? 

You have the option to choose from White, Black, Silver, or Gold. 

What font can I choose for customization? 

Horizon-thick, STAATLICHES, Noah, Citadel, Sunburn-bold, Candice, Columbia tilting, or Handelson One. Check out the images under “Customization” to see a visual image of the fonts and select your favorite! 

Can I return a customized order?  

Unfortunately, custom orders are non-refundable. 

Have a specific style of frames you want, but don’t see on the site? Want a different color of font not listed? Have a cool idea for custom glasses?!

We’d love to hear It! Email our team at or contact us on social media @Nyvedofficial! 

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Applied automatically at checkout! 

10+ Frames         5% OFF ENTIRE ORDER 

25+ Frames        15% OFF ENTIRE ORDER 

50+ Frames         25% OFF ENTIRE ORDER 

75+ Frames          35% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

100+ Frames         45% OFF + FREE SHIPPING 

ALL ORDERS $100+ qualify for FREE SHIPPING!