Nyved Custom Samples

Customized Graduation Request: 

A gift from a daughter to congratulate her father on completing his doctorate by gifting him his very own custom frames for his special day. These frames are smooth and stylish, yet very memorable! 

Sample images for custom graduation request above: 

Sample images were sent to the customer by email to confirm the correct design placement , color, & font after the order was previously placed online. 



Customized business theme request:

 Nyved Official 2022 Carpe Diem Collection 

 Custom Business Logo Request: 

Nyved Official 2023 Trendsetter Collection 


Custom Business Logo Request: 

Nyved Official 2023 Pressure Collection 


Custom Signature Request: 

Nyved “Nyved” 2020 


Email samples of designs that were sent to our customers for confirmation first before fully processing their order to ensure satisfaction!